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Always in a Leading Position

….poised for a strong future of providing value , growth and financial stability .

 Brain Trust established in 1989 with head offices in Athens. Since 1996 it has been offering solutions in the field of computer components and peripherals distribution. In fact Brain Trust is always trusted for its expertise, sound ideas and solutions to breakthrough features in a high growth market as the computer industry.

Brain Trust corporate mission is to be the top supplier and after sales supporter of others in Greek market. Our philosophy is simple:

  • recognize market trends as they emerge.
  • innovate using advanced technology to capitalize on these trends
  • position all products to be the price/performance leader.
  • an unyielding emphasis on product quality, superior service and excellent support.

We continually survey our customers and dealers to keep abreast of new market requirements. The information they supply helps set the direction of our new international co-operations in fields of products and technology and is used to improve our product quality and support customers. So the company cooperates with various manufacturers of computer components and peripherals such as, AMD, AMI, ABIT, ASUS, ASROCK, AOC, CORSAIR, DAEWOO, EXCELSTOR, GAINWARD, SAPPHIRE, HITACHI, INTEL, LG, LSI, MANLI, MDT, MICRODOWELL, MICRON, MIO, PALIT, PRINCETON, QDI, RICOH, RAIDTEC, SAMSUNG, SHUTTLE, SUPERMICRO, TOSHIBA.

In 1996 company switched to components and peripherals distribution. Next year, 1997, was a critical year for Brain Trust. By assured economical robustness and stability with high level human resources and excellent reputation, Brain Trust expands rapidly its dealer and co-operands network as far as the set of distributed products. Continuing the rising course during 1998 Brain Trust is recognized by Greek computer market as a new dynamic player.

On October 2000 the company transformed of the “company limited liability (L.T.D)” to “society anonym (S.A.)” with simultaneously increase in capital. The new company Brain Trust S.A. continue its growth the first decade of new Millennium by expanding its distribution network to new type of customers’ cooperation, as system integrators, internet shops, big retailers e.t.c.

The 2006 end finds Brain Trust very well established in Greek IT Distribution market with experienced staff of 24 employees and a wide network of over 500 regular customers. During this year company invoices, of more than 1000 different Greek IT resellers, finally reach the amount of 15 million €.

Despite the continued turnover increase the company managed to keep low operational cost by applying modern human resources management techniques. So Brain Trust obtain a aggressive growth policy in it’s product rage and it’s sales network without to face finance problems.

Increasing its expertise and technology know how Brain Trust trustworthy expects the occupation of a leading position to the Greek computer and information system market.


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